Liked, Lost and Found

What's really important? I think we've forgotten. Our opinions are being formed by others. Social media is now so powerful, so pervasive. It's turned many of us into extremists. No subtlety, shades of colour. Just black and white, right and wrong, amazing and tragic. It's shouting not talking.  So we get what we get. This... Continue Reading →



A different start to the running year. It should be about putting your gear on, getting out and running with your buddies right? Not so simple. Our old running club has run its course. Willing runners lost their coach. A marathon story without a happy ending. Coupled with that I have a job which I... Continue Reading →

Bigmouth Strikes Again

You shouldn't get too close to your heroes apparently. Something about the inevitability that they'll disappoint you. Nonsense! And characteristically British. Sure, getting too much insight can be dispiriting. I tried to read Morrissey's self titled autobiography this year.  My son gave it to my for my birthday. He'd thought about his present, knew how... Continue Reading →

Racing Line

Two older people and a young lad on a big stage made me think today. The first was a runner. His movement was restricted, running stiffly. In his seventies, he was warming up for the local Parkrun this morning. It's a beautiful early autumn day, no wind, dry and perfect for running. I wished him... Continue Reading →


You can hear the roar of the Corryvreckan, a whirlpool close to the island of Jura, from ten miles away. A few years ago, a TV documentary maker threw a mannequin, complete with life jacket and depth gauge into its heart. Such is the power of the sea current, it was sucked to a depth... Continue Reading →

The Disrupters

This is Dougal. He is just over 7 weeks old. He very much enjoys chewing electrical cables, clothes and Rolo, our other dog. And he is teaching my family a lesson. Because right now our established patterns and routines are on hold. He makes the rules. He's currently in charge of when we sleep, eat,... Continue Reading →

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