The Burn

Ask ten people why they exercise and you'll get ten different answers. For me? Hard to pinpoint. I know it's good for me, it gives me confidence in myself and it's something I can do with others, or alone depending on how I'm feeling or what I need to do. Being part of a group... Continue Reading →


Good Hands

Two images. One taken more than 70 years before the other, but closely linked. The first is of a group of boys at an Aberdeen Grammar School Cadets summer camp in 1943, somewhere in Scotland. The boy on the front row, smiling, with another boy's hands on his shoulders, is my Dad.  He had been... Continue Reading →

Bigmouth Strikes Again

You shouldn't get too close to your heroes apparently. Something about the inevitability that they'll disappoint you. Nonsense! And characteristically British. Sure, getting too much insight can be dispiriting. I tried to read Morrissey's self titled autobiography this year.  My son gave it to my for my birthday. He'd thought about his present, knew how... Continue Reading →

The Disrupters

This is Dougal. He is just over 7 weeks old. He very much enjoys chewing electrical cables, clothes and Rolo, our other dog. And he is teaching my family a lesson. Because right now our established patterns and routines are on hold. He makes the rules. He's currently in charge of when we sleep, eat,... Continue Reading →

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