Frosty Jacks

When Winter comes, the daylight disappears at 4pm and the frost is never far away, what choices do runners have? Do you keep pushing, trying to improve or simply do your best to get through pigs in blankets season without doubling your chins? Let's be honest. There's no manual, no template. So here's what I've... Continue Reading →


Twin Peaks

Runners aren't very good at not running. They don't want to lose it: speed, form, the ability to be at their very best. So more often than not, they keep going. And it gets harder and harder. And less of a pleasure. I am that runner. But also fortunate. Because my nearest and dearest aren't... Continue Reading →

Yoga for Farmers

I'm about as agile as a garden shed. Years of running Glasgow's streets. More than a million strides a year (Check this and work out your own) It's taken it's toll. My hamstrings are constantly tight, I'm prone to back spasms. My toes scare children. Added to that, I'm pretty old. So this isn't recent... Continue Reading →

Learning from the 49

When Roger Bannister became the first person to run a mile in under four minutes in 1954, he rebooted athletics. Because in the five years afterwards, the feat was repeated by other runners a total of 49 times. Physically these athletes hadn't changed in that period. But mentally, they had. Bannisters achievement altered their perception... Continue Reading →

The Burn

Ask ten people why they exercise and you'll get ten different answers. For me? Hard to pinpoint. I know it's good for me, it gives me confidence in myself and it's something I can do with others, or alone depending on how I'm feeling or what I need to do. Being part of a group... Continue Reading →

Like you, with speed

When people who don’t run for a living get to spend time with the Britain’s elite athletes, amazing things happen. Unbelievably, the company I work for (Müller) hosted Olympic athletes including Dina Asher-Smith, Adam Gemili, Emily Diamond, Martin Rooney, Eilidh Doyle, Hannah Cockcroft, Darryl Neita and Kadeena Cox for a day last week. It marked... Continue Reading →

Run Together

Three images from races this weekend, and six great runners.  Firstly my old running buddies Graham and Phil, enjoying a leisurely burl around Victoria Parkrun in Glasgow. I just love this pic - they look totally relaxed and happy to be out on a beautiful autumn morning. They’ve run fantastically well this year and Graham,... Continue Reading →

Good Hands

Two images. One taken more than 70 years before the other, but closely linked. The first is of a group of boys at an Aberdeen Grammar School Cadets summer camp in 1943, somewhere in Scotland. The boy on the front row, smiling, with another boy's hands on his shoulders, is my Dad.  He had been... Continue Reading →

For the love of it

It's a mild addiction, running. Endorphins, the brains opium, coursing through the system during and afterwards. The runners high. Brilliant! Twice this week, I've seen its impact. To go back a step. A few months ago we met Scottish 1500 metres champion Myles Edwards. He explained that his training took him to the high altitude... Continue Reading →

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