Run Together

Three images from races this weekend, and six great runners. 

Firstly my old running buddies Graham and Phil, enjoying a leisurely burl around Victoria Parkrun in Glasgow. I just love this pic – they look totally relaxed and happy to be out on a beautiful autumn morning. They’ve run fantastically well this year and Graham, having run the Chicago Marathon last weekend, will have been looking only to stretch his legs. Phil knows and studies running and he will have spent his morning at the parkrun firing questions at his training partner.

The next is of two amazing sisters-in-law breezing through their second half marathon in less than a month, at Aviemore. Marie and Kirsty train and race together. They’ve run with West End Road Runners for the last year or so and they are brilliant. They never fail to encourage others and they are nailing their own running. It’s absolutely fantastic to see.

And lastly, the Fordham’s… husband and wife Ultra runners covering huge mileages -including a Highland Fling 53 miler and multiple marathons and most recently for Steph, a triathlon. Today they polished off the extremely hilly Rannoch Marathon. No fuss. They just went and did it. They have the admiration and respect of everyone who knows them at the club. 

And the point? It’s perfectly possible to be a very good runner by training on your own. But to have people around you – running buddies, a club or preferably both – who can lift your motivation, share knowledge, help put things in perspective, is the difference. Simple!


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