For the love of it

It’s a mild addiction, running. Endorphins, the brains opium, coursing through the system during and afterwards. The runners high. Brilliant!

Twice this week, I’ve seen its impact.

To go back a step. A few months ago we met Scottish 1500 metres champion Myles Edwards.

He explained that his training took him to the high altitude camps in Kenya where starved of oxygen, he worked to optimise his talent.

Warm hearted by nature he took an interest in the local community and what he saw motivated him to help. And with a friend, he set about raising money to provide better housing, education and life chances for children in the area.

The result is the Gathimba Edwards Foundation. Please click the link, have a look and donate if you can.

My club West End Road Runners was inspired by his story and by the opportunity to do something to support this work. So we  introduced a new run which will hopefully grow and become an annual fixture in Scotland’s running calendar.

The first event last week attracted runners from throughout Glasgow and raised a good amount of money. A trail run followed by cakes on the longest night of the year in the beautiful Mugdock Forrest. What’s not to like?

My work took me to London for the evening. So I followed the event on Facebook.

And I was struck by the photos. Apart from one (taken during a health and safety briefing) they are unrelentingly smiley. As runners highs go, a combination of running, helping people and cake could well be Class A strength.

The second runners high came this weekend.

In common with many people trying to do their best I follow a schedule.

But not at the moment. I’m on a month off.

And a park run this weekend with some colleagues at work and a running buddy was therefore fun.

No particular preparation, glancing at my watch during the race or post-mortem afterwards.

Just running. For the love of it.


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