The Little Wonder

Unexpected things happen to runners. Especially those who run with Glasgow clubs.

Why? Runners form communities which sometimes throw out surprises. And Glasgow has some great talkers.

My club, West End Road Runners has this in spades. And one of our runners, Fred Beckett proved it.

We learned that we both had connections with Peterhead in the North East of Scotland and he gave me a photo he’d seen online.

It’s from 1897, the year that my Great Grandpa opened his new drapers and outfitters shop, The Little Wonder, in the town.

Prior to that Great Grandpa Jack ran a much smaller shop next door, the original ‘Little Wonder’, established in 1882.

My Father told me tonight that the pony in the photograph was used for deliveries.

There were stables behind the store and at the end of each day, my Great Grandfather hitched the pony to a trap to take him home.

The shop was the family business for a century before it was sold in 1982.

Fred is a great runner, determined and making rapid progress, nailing his Parkrun PB’s.

I’d like to thank him. I think he’s modern day wonder!


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  1. I loved your post on The Little Wonder. We used to live along the street (Albion Street it was called then) and as a little girl I sometime got taken along to Jack’s to get a dress for a special occasion. People in the town used to refer to Frank Jack as “Colonel Jack”.

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