You can hear the roar of the Corryvreckan, a whirlpool close to the island of Jura, from ten miles away.

A few years ago, a TV documentary maker threw a mannequin, complete with life jacket and depth gauge into its heart. Such is the power of the sea current, it was sucked to a depth of 850 feet before reappearing on the surface miles away.

And around Jura’s Corryvreckan maelstrom, you can see 30 foot waves which can take on the appearance of vast powerful horse heads, or Kelpies according to legend.

Powerful, intimidating and to be avoided. Yet most people including myself want to see it. I got the chance to sail over it and it was thrilling. A tick in the box. You could feel the boat lurch and twist as the suction gripped its hull.

I wouldn’t have done it on my own but I trusted those around me in the boat and it felt like something I SHOULD do.

Right now we are sailing over our own whirlpool. In the grand scheme of things and compared to others it’s absolutely inconsequential. Nothing. More like putting your toe in water draining from the bath. But noticeable to us all the same.

New challenges at work, leaving our home of 20 years and lots going on in our family. Running is one of the things that keeps me true to myself. It’s amazing how the simple act of moving your legs for an hour has that effect.

And I’ve seen enough to know that this mini whirlpool will be a good experience. Running-wise it’s already making me erratic to say the least but the highs trump the lows.

And that sums it up. Before we know it, we’ll be by it.


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