The Disrupters

This is Dougal. He is just over 7 weeks old. He very much enjoys chewing electrical cables, clothes and Rolo, our other dog.

And he is teaching my family a lesson. Because right now our established patterns and routines are on hold.

He makes the rules. He’s currently in charge of when we sleep, eat, relax and run.

And I think it’s quite healthy.

Yesterday, being Sunday, I ran for miles with Rolo. He didn’t stop at any point. Not even to acknowledge other dogs.

He just ran for the pleasure of being able to run and for the enjoyment of not having his ears nipped by the puppy.

And the day before I met a mate who has an even more severe (and better) case of family disruption in the form of Rory, his new born son.

Being disrupted and er, free for a while, we covered 10 miles at a ridiculously early hour before Glasgow woke up, along the canal system to a vantage point from where we could see the whole City.

We passed the ruin of a public house for those who used to work the canals called the Old Basin Tavern. Then we dropped down through the City Centre, still and quiet, picking up the route along the Clyde and heading for home.

It’s exactly a year since Glasgow staged the Commonwealth Games. The legacy is in the City’s new clothes – great buildings, bridges, walkways. You can see it and feel the change when it’s quiet.

So a qualified thanks of sorts to Rory and Dougal. It would be good to at least have a sense of what decisions you are taking from time to time. But for now, it’s fine.  



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