If you’ve ever watched the movie Alien, you’ll know that just before the monster bursts out of John Hurt’s chest his skin starts to throb violently.

Well it’s Friday night and this is what’s happening to me. Right now. Or maybe not. But my leg is certainly doing its own thing to the extent that I have been on the internet.

And that is never a good idea. After googling Alien (obviously) and watching the ‘chestburster’ scene I decided to have a look at some practical medical advice.

Good grief! That was a mistake. Instead of simply confirming that my legs are a bit tired after a good week of running, I’ve learned that it could be symptomatic of a huge range of fairly dreadful conditions. A hypochondriac’s dream!

Anyway my leg has stopped twitching now, I’m having a beer and all is good. Maybe the best thing to do is to stop worrying and go to my bed.


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