If you've ever watched the movie Alien, you'll know that just before the monster bursts out of John Hurt's chest his skin starts to throb violently. Well it's Friday night and this is what's happening to me. Right now. Or maybe not. But my leg is certainly doing its own thing to the extent that... Continue Reading →

Eating a Pufferfish

People can do astonishing things if they have belief, confidence and a bit of recklessness. By that I don't mean directing traffic on the M74 or eating a pufferfish. I mean deciding that they are capable of anything, and completely ignoring anyone who tells them otherwise. Dundee athlete Laura Muir left the field for dead... Continue Reading →

Park life

Why are parks important? What makes them special? What is the basis of the deep connection which people have with them? Growing up on a farm in Aberdeenshire, a trip to the park was a very big deal. It generally resulted in skinned knees, grass stains and hanging off the roundabout and/or spinning the roundabout... Continue Reading →

Heat Haze in SE19

Thanks to Joe Lennon, runner, tennis player, picture framer and a good guy to have an animated debate with on a Sunday morning easy, I got to Wimbledon this year. Cheers Joe! It was record hot, but you'll already know that. I'd rather focus on other things. Though as an aside, drinking 3 litres of... Continue Reading →

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