Aberdeen on a Flag Day


I come from Aberdeen. It’s a part of the world where allegedly, people are not parted from their cash easily. They are ‘grippy’ and ‘tight’ apparently.

There’s a famous old postcard featuring two images of Unions Street, Aberdeen’s main drag. The first is entitled Aberdeen on a flag day (an annual charity collection day) and the street is deserted. Set below it is the same image, but this time the Union Street is packed. The caption is ‘Aberdeen on a house to house collection day’. Ouch!

This doesn’t apply to my running gear. I have a quite unbelievable amount of the stuff. Kit for any conceivable weather though to be fair, Glasgow gets every conceivable type of weather. Most of it water based.

The problem is exacerbated by t-shirts which you’re handed when you complete a race. Then never wear. I’ve started recycling. Partly motivated by guilt and charity, but mostly by lack of space. As I filled bags of unworn or lightly used shirts, it occurred to me that Nike really is a sophisticated inventor of situations and conditions which require gear which you never knew you needed.

They are so good, that they’ve turned over this Aberdonian.


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