Gardner – tears, talent and a fast girl in a wedding dress


My running buddies shudder when they hear the word ‘Gardner’

It means something different to each of us. To me, it’s a chance. To get on my toes. Lift my heels. Work for the relief at the top.

For my wife Shonaidh it’s about the burn, about a halt in chatting with her friends. For others, it’s a showcase. An opportunity to show the talent and the experience they have – Phil, Graham A and T.

And for my running buddy Shona, it was part of her wedding day – she’s got a photo of her running up it in her beautiful dress.

Gardner Street’s a hill you see. One of Glasgow’s best and most beautiful. Our own bit of San Fransisco and   regularly blocked off by TV and movie trucks.

I’m lucky to be here, and to have it to play on.


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