Aberdeen on a Flag Day

  I come from Aberdeen. It's a part of the world where allegedly, people are not parted from their cash easily. They are 'grippy' and 'tight' apparently. There's a famous old postcard featuring two images of Unions Street, Aberdeen's main drag. The first is entitled Aberdeen on a flag day (an annual charity collection day)... Continue Reading →


The Shark and the Garmin

Many runners are by their nature obsessive. And Garmin gps devices which track where you've been, how long it's taken and what speed you've run are catnip for running geeks. We have a number of training runs which are defined by how they look on the gps download. There's the heart, which to be honest,... Continue Reading →


A friend of mine passed away on Saturday. He'd suffered from cancer. He was 50. With a young family. Cruelty beyond comprehension. Almost 20 years ago another of the same small group of school mates was taken in his early 30's. Again cancer. He had absolutely no chance. We left school as a tight knit... Continue Reading →

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